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New Release! June 2014

Ice Queen picks up where The Inean Debacle ends and follows Hackett and his crew battle against the Ineans and Earth's own government. Both groups want them dead. The action is endless with twists and turns throughout the story. You wont want to put it down.

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Most Recent Release! July 1, 2013

The Inean Debacle series begins nearly 1000 years after the Ardons were invaded by the Ineans. The Ineans have recovered from that devastating war and have determined to find the Ardons and destroy them. However, their search brings them to Earth at a point in time when the people of Earth struggle to survive on their dying planet.

Fortunately for Earth man can out gun the Ineans. Unfortunately for Earth the government lacks the will to fight and makes dangerous deals with the enemy.

Earth sends Captain Shawn Hackett and his crew in a starship destined to be decommissioned to Inea to sign a peace agreement. They soon discover a conspiracy from the highest levels of Earth's government to foil their mission and bring about an Inean take over of Earth.

Hackett can not adhere to the terms of the pre-written agreement and rewrites it to the displeasure of the Ineans. Now the threat of galactic war rests squarely on his shoulders and he sides with another volatile race to force the Ineans into a corner.

With his ship's systems failing, can Hackett and his crew escape Inea alive before the Ineans can kill them?

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