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Welcome to Science Fiction Author, Henry Eaton's Website.

If you like to read science fiction with a realistic twist (and who doesn't?) then you are in the right place. What does he mean by a realistic twist? Well, Henry is news junkie of sorts. Many of his story lines are derived from the headlines and adapted to a future time and situations. If you have followed the news at all the past 15+ years you may be able to figure out when henry wrote each of these stories. He doesn't shy away from any subject manner, so strap yourself in and enjoy the two time-lines presented.

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Henry invites you to look around the site, read about the stories he has written so far and download a few chapters of each in PDF format to pique your curiosity.

Interested in purchasing the novels? Then click on the appropriate link on the left or on each novels page. All novels are in hardcover, paperback and epub formats.

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